Online Poker Continues Hiring During Economic Downturn

As you move the recent economic downturn has forced many companies to lay from workers or slow hiring plans, online poker is bucking the trend. Not only are many online poker rooms weathering the finance storm well but many are doing record business.

Consistent with situs judi online qq Scout, a site that compiles statistics about online poker rooms, online poker traffic is up 40% from a year gone by. Last year was a record year as well.

Portrait of a professional poker player sitting at a poker table with poker chips on black background trying to hide his expressions

So how are such poker rooms doing what most other companies can’t? Given that they’re relatively new and growing. The poker boom were only available in the United States where poker was a well known and loved passion of Americans. Even when the US passed laws which forced a number of online poker rooms to leave the US the poker houses simply shifted their strategy to Europe which was just starting to catch the poker bug. And then they moved east so that you can across Eastern Europe and Russia. In the Americas people forged south and sparked mini poker booms on Central and South America. And while poker has catching on for places like Macau, Australia, and the Philippines, many find out Asia as the next market to really explode with improvement to keep the momentum going.

So the net effect would be the fact as the boom plateaus in one market the online poker online sites stoke the fires in new markets which keeps the expansion healthy.

Obviously as a company grows it typically necessities more personnel to handle the increased business. And many within the jobs being created in the online poker industry are the reaction of exactly that effect. But jobs are also created given that each new country and/or territory has its own specific preferences.

If you’re going to expand into Germany then you need German translators, German speaking customer service agents, someone familiar with any nearby media market, and perhaps even someone to set the German born market strategy.

Country by country online poker rooms have had to rent mini-groups to handle the country/territory specific needs of that countryside. So in addition to jet getting bigger their organizations increasingly becoming more specialized which means that one person can’t write all of the reproduce or come up with a marketing plan that works everywhere. They have to delay to specialists in each market who know that promote best so they can get the best return on their investments in which will market.

So if you’ve ever considered a career in internet poker there are plenty of jobs available. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be any poker genius. There are jobs in every discipline from HR to software engineering.

Here’s a sample of jobs adverse reports about them listed on a poker job Search:

  • *Google Analytics Specialized
  • *Benelux Country Manager
  • *Internal Security Analyst
  • *Technical Challenge Manager
  • *German Fraud Investigator
  • *PR and Events Leaders
  • *Director of Web Development
  • *Polish Customer Service Representative

And that’s merely small sample of jobs posted in the last few days. If you have had an interest in working in online poker then you should head on onto a Poker Job Search and see if anything truth be told there tickles your fancy. The pay is usually good and observing how unstable most “safe” jobs are these days could very well be making the best career decision of your life.